Wednesday, March 23, 2011

i dont know what the....

sy pure2 tenang..
mcm xde pe yg hilang dlm hdup sy..
g kje...blk kje...
i pretend like evrythng is fine.
but HELL NO!!
ati sy stil sakit..
hncur retak..n i dun know what to do.
sy CUBA utk tdak mnghubungi beliau..
CUBA utk tidak mganggu kbhagiaan beliau..
dan CUBA utk tdak mmkirkan beliau..
step by step n finally im falled!!
sy tau..
sy xptut cmni..
life must go on..
but i still cannot go on without u..
u r part of my life..
i need strenght..
if true dat i'll lost u 4ever..
gve me a sign..
p/s : i didnt wrote dis 4 u or ur bf to read..
its all about me..


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